Precision mechanical parts manufacturers use drive systems to increase reliability and flexibility

In order to ensure that the machine tool has good process adaptability and continuous and stable working ability, CNC machine for CNC precision machine parts processing manufacturer The characteristics of the bed structure design should have sufficient rigidity, precision, vibration resistance, thermal stability and precision retention. CNC precision mechanical parts The mechanical transmission chain of the processing system of the processing manufacturer uses ball screws, static pressure screws and gapless gear pairs to minimize the backlash. Shenzhen precision mechanical parts processing experts pointed out that in the processing of precision mechanical parts, the machine tool uses plastic anti-friction guide rails, rolling guides or Statically press the guide rail to improve the smoothness of the movement and prevent creeping when moving at low speed.

Due to the use of a wide-speed feed servo motor and a wide-speed spindle motor, it is not necessary to process precision mechanical parts. Or less gear and gear shifting, which simplifies the machine’s transmission. The machine layout is convenient for chip removal and workpiece loading and unloading, part of the CNC The machine is equipped with an automatic chip conveyor and automatic workpiece changer. In Shenzhen precision machinery parts processing enterprises, most CNC machine tools use programmable logic controllers with microprocessors instead of power cabinets. A large number of relays improve the reliability and flexibility of the machine’s high- power control.