CNC machining machinery parts use the geometry and use of slitting saws

CNC machining machinery parts use the geometry and use of slitting saws

When CNC machining requires cutting deeper than deeper materials, the slitting saw is ideal for getting the job done. The slit saw is unique due to its composition and rigidity, which allows it to accommodate a variety of machine materials that are straightforward and difficult to machine.

What is a slit saw?

The slitting saw is a flat (with or without a plate), a circular saw with a hole in the middle and a toothed outer diameter. When used with a shank, the slitter is used for machining purposes and requires the removal of large amounts of material in small diameters, such as grooving or cutting applications.

CNC machining, machining of mechanical parts

CNC machining processes include (but are not limited to) slitting knives, slotting knives, jewelry saws and slitting knives. A special type of slitting saw is sometimes used. For example, with a high number of teeth, it is possible to cut small, precise features. In the case of slitting saws for the machining of some special mechanical parts, the number of saw teeth is usually much higher than other types of saw teeth, so that the cutting is as accurate as possible.


Why use a slitting saw for CNC machining?

Designed to cut black and non-ferrous materials, these saws use their unique shape and geometry to cut thin groove features on parts more efficiently than any other tool.


Common applications:

If an application requires a piece of material (such as a rod) to be cut in half, the slitting saw will separate the parts well and increase efficiency. If installed correctly, the saw can perform an undercut application, which eliminates the need to completely reinstall the workpiece. Ability to create thin grooves with significant cutting depth.

When not to use a slitting saw

Although it may resemble a stainless steel circular saw blade from a hardware store, the slitting saw should always be used with construction tools such as watches or circular saws. When used on a manual machine, brittle saw blades such as slitting saws can break and cause damage when not used on the correct settings.