CNC machining precision machine parts to support a wide range of industries and applications

With our more than 10 years of CNC machining experience, including five-axis CNC machining, our Shenzhen precision machinery processing plant has met a wide range of applications.

Precision machinery parts processing needs in various industries.

The factory continues to expand our micromachining capabilities, which not only require CNC machining skills, but must also ensure high precision machining of small parts.

The expertise accumulated in this area for more than 10 years has enabled us to meet the needs of increasingly diverse precision small parts applications, especially

In the medical device industry.

Shenzhen Precision Machinery Processing Factory has almost all the skills of processing metal together. We are in 5-axis CNC machining and other multi-axis machining processes.

Expertise extends to our ability to process complete material arrays, allowing customers to design materials in parts that are intended for customers

Use to provide the best performance.

Our in-depth knowledge of material properties and multi-axis CNC machining characteristics allows us to select processes that produce the correct tolerances, regardless of

What precision mechanical parts do you use to machine materials, including many different grades of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and copper.