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CNC machining machinery parts use the geometry and use of slitting saws

CNC machining machinery parts use the geometry and use of slitting saws When CNC machining requires cutting deeper than deeper materials, the slitting saw is ideal for getting the job done. The slit saw is unique due to its composition and rigidity, which allows it to accommodate a variety of machine materials that are straightforward […]

How to do technical analysis of CNC precision machined parts

The extensive application of CNC precision machining technology in China’s manufacturing industry has made more and more precision machining practitioners pay more attention to this. However, due to the complexity of CNC machining technology, operators need to learn in advance. In particular, the machining process analysis of CNC parts has a wide range of aspects. […]

CNC machining precision machine parts to support a wide range of industries and applications

With our more than 10 years of CNC machining experience, including five-axis CNC machining, our Shenzhen precision machinery processing plant has met a wide range of applications. Precision machinery parts processing needs in various industries. The factory continues to expand our micromachining capabilities, which not only require CNC machining skills, but must also ensure high […]

How to achieve the target cost through flexible CNC machining customization services

Leverage the user’s supplier resources Larger vendors tend to have more resources available. For OEMs, this means more cost savings. CNC processing manufacturers with sufficient funds have purchased the machinery needed for the most efficient custom processing. Even if a piece of equipment has only five years of history, a suitable CNC processing supplier will […]

The most comprehensive metal surface treatment summary

The surface treatment is the formation of a layer of one or more special properties on the surface of a material by physical or chemical means. Through the table Surface treatment can improve the appearance of the product, texture, function and other aspects of performance. First, anodizing Mainly aluminum anodizing is the use of electrochemical […]

CNC machining center various cutting methods

1, reciprocating cutting: The reciprocating cutting method creates a reciprocating parallel cutting path that maintains continuous motion during the step movement without maximum lifting Cutting the material is the most economical and labor-saving cutting movement. This cutting method is co-milling and counter-attacking if the operation is enabled Wall cleaning will affect the direction of the […]

Accuracy requirements for each process of CNC machining center

Accuracy is used to indicate the fineness of the workpiece product. It is a special term for evaluating the geometric parameters of the machined surface and an important indicator for measuring the performance of the CNC machining center. In general, the machining accuracy is measured by the tolerance level, and the lower the level, the […]

Easily solve complex aluminum alloy parts processing problems

The aluminum alloy parts have good mechanical properties, small specific gravity, good corrosion resistance and excellent processability. They are commonly used in universal structural parts and frame parts, which can meet the requirements of mechanical strength and precision, and can be effective. It reduces the weight of the equipment and is therefore widely used in […]

Precision mechanical parts manufacturers use drive systems to increase reliability and flexibility

In order to ensure that the machine tool has good process adaptability and continuous and stable working ability, CNC machine for CNC precision machine parts processing manufacturer The characteristics of the bed structure design should have sufficient rigidity, precision, vibration resistance, thermal stability and precision retention. CNC precision mechanical parts The mechanical transmission chain of […]